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What is Chill Online?

Chill is a strength based social skills coaching program for young adults 18 plus on the autism spectrum. Supported by peer mentors, these online interactive workshops use video illustration, peer demonstrations, role-play and social situation rehearsals. The program uses popular mediums of drama, music, film and social media to engage participants in a fun and creative experience. This is far from your average social skills program!

In addition to learning new skills, Chill Online gives participants the opportunity to connect with their peers, grow friendships, be supported and respected, have fun and build their confidence.

Online programs

The natural follow on from the Foundation program, where participants take their newly acquired skills to a real-world level. A pre-requisite to Chill Plus is the completion of the Chill Foundation program.

A home-based interactive and peer mentor assisted cooking program. Using Zoom, each session focuses on simple but healthy gourmet recipes that motivate participants to cook and develop independence in the kitchen. Each week the class culminates in a shared meal where conversation about the cooking experience brings participants together.

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