Chill programs

How the Chill
programs work

All participants must complete at least one term (10 weeks) of Chill Foundation. Here the concepts of social skills or Chill skills is established. Following Chill Foundation it is recommended that all participants enrol in Chill Plus to begin consolidation and generalisation of their newly learnt social skills. Most Chillies will continue in Chill Plus for a minimum of 12 months.

While you are enrolled in Chill Foundation or Chill Plus you can also be engaged in any of the Chill adjunct programs such as Chill Art, Chill Life, Chill Money and so on.

Chill programs

Chill Foundation
Chill Plus
Chill on the Grill
Chill Money
Chill Art
Chill on Stage
Chill Out
Chill Tunes
Chill Moves
Chill Life
Chill Sport
Chill Woodwork
Chill on Screen
Chill Online

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