New themed programs set to launch in January 2022!

Chill on Screen | Chill Robotics | Chill Woodwork

We are so excited to announce that we will be offering not one, not two, but three brand-new programs in January 2022! Our program development team has been working tirelessly throughout the term to design these 3 new programs that we think the tribe will really love! Not only do these new programs help to develop relevant skills for becoming employment-ready, but they also offer a new medium to practice social skills. Keep reading to find out more!


Chill on Screen

Chill on Screen is a hands-on interactive program that offers participants the opportunity to learn and practise different filmmaking skills and techniques.

One of the most common and popular interests among young adults on the autism spectrum is film & television. Vloggers, YouTubers, and Instagram content makers are at the centre of the creative social networks of millennials and participation in these creative and potentially lucrative platforms is a great way to connect, be heard and build skills. Some of these skills include storytelling, scriptwriting, camera operating, video editing and more. Filmmaking can be an exorbitantly expensive venture however this program coaches participants in how to create content using common domestic equipment such as a smart phone, laptop and internet.


  • new skill acquisition
  • self-expression through creative process
  • transferring social skills to special interest area
  • improved self confidence
  • make new friends
  • increase task & social stamina
  • find your tribe

*Pre-requisite: Being enrolled in or completion of Chill Foundation.


Chill Robotics

Chill Robotics is all about problem-solving, innovating, and creating through designing, constructing and programming robots.

This program has been designed for participants to explore and learn about the different aspects of programming and robotics through project-based activities. The program begins by introducing the foundational elements of coding and circuitry where participants will tackle a variety of problem-solving activities to cement these key concepts. Then participants will move into the second phase of designing, assembling, programming, and bringing to life their own robotic creation. A robotic engineer expert leads the workshops that are supervised by a Chill facilitator and peer mentor support at a 1:2 ratio.


  • problem-solving skills
  • improved fine motor skills
  • learning employable skills
  • collaboration & teamwork
  • sense of achievement & pride
  • increased self-confidence
  • making new peer connections
  • reduced social isolation
  • transfer social skills to special interest


Chill Woodwork

Chill Woodwork is a hands-on, interactive program that focuses on learning basic carpentry and woodworking skills needed to make small projects like a fidget spinner, cutting board, storage chest, or shelves and more. nParticipants will learn the correct way to use, carry and store several different hand and power tools throughout the program.

Experienced, professional instructors lead the workshop that is supervised by a Chill facilitator and peer mentor support is provided at a 1:2 ratio. High-quality woodworking tools and equipment is provided in the enormous open studio that houses two half-built timber houses! The eager participant (once their skills and competency are established), in subsequent terms, can choose to work on a large group project such as building stairs or a wall for one of the resident partially constructed timber houses or a project of their choice. Participants are provided with a chippie getting started kit that includes a tool belt with hammer, tape measure, carpentry pencil and safety glasses.


  • acquire skills in construction
  • satisfaction of project completion
  • sense of achievement & pride
  • improved fine & gross motor skills
  • reduce stress & anxiety
  • reduced social isolation
  • increased self-confidence
  • making new friends
  • engaged in employable skills
  • transference of social skills
  • might become your new hobby!

Pre-requisite: Being enrolled in or completion of Chill Foundation.

If you are a new Chill participant and are interested in enrolling, please head to our Enrol page to fill out an enrolment form. If you are a returning Chill participant, enrolments will open on the 27th of November! Keep an eye on your emails for more info coming soon!