Chill on the Grill is an online home-based interactive and peer mentor assisted cooking program for young adults on the autism spectrum. One 2.5 hour session per week for a 10 week term.

Chef Sebastian and his team of foodie peer mentors provide simple instructions from specifically designed simple but nutritious recipes. Modelling and prompting both in person and online provides participants (better known as Chillies) the right support and scaffolding they need to be successful and eventually independent in the kitchen.

It’s all about independence in the kitchen so our young adults rely less on family for meals!

Skill focus areas include knife skills of chopping, slicing, dicing/ safety & hygiene / the phenomenon of cleaning up as you go/organisation skills/measuring/food preparation/plating a meal/nutrition.

What do I need for this program?
You will need access to the internet, kitchen with basic utensils, oven, cooktop, microwave, and a laptop, computer or tablet.

Young adults in Brisbane can have 1:1 in home support from our expert team of peer mentors. Benefits include independence in the kitchen, motivation to prepare food/cook for family at least once per week/increased self confidence and self esteem. Chill on the Grill is social, social, social!