Meet our Chill Families: The incredible Helen & Dylan!


We have had the privilege of sharing the Chill journey with Helen and Dylan for a few years now. Helen’s son Dylan has been a Chillie since 2018, he is an extremely talented golfer and leatherworker, and most importantly, one of the funniest guys we know! We are sure Helen would agree with us!


We asked them a few questions about their experience with Chill and here’s what they had to say!



Code Blue: What made you want to join the Chill program?


Dylan: “To give me the chance to meet new people in Brisbane and make new friends.”

Helen: “To give him the opportunity to develop his social, communication and relationship skills, and build network of friends.”



Code Blue: What’s the best thing that’s changed in your household since your young adult became a Chillie?


Helen: “Dylan has become more confident in himself and is more sociable with others. He has improved his communication skills.”



Code Blue: What’s the best part of being a Chillie?


Dylan: “Trying new things and spending time with friends after class, trying things that I thought I would never be able to do, the fun challenges given by facilitators and mentors and coming in with a great positive self and sense of humour.”


Code Blue: How has the program helped you?

Dylan: “Meeting new friends, talking to new chillies about what they like doing during there free time, talking to friends, getting and taking the best advice from the facilitators and the mentors and being a lot more social and talking a lot more then I have been.”



Code Blue: What advice do you have for other parent’s/carers/peers who are also considering Chill?


Helen: “Do it!! It is such a positive experience for all who participate and gives Chillies to become more confident, self-assured and independent.”

Dylan: “It can be scary at first not knowing anyone, you will be surprised on how soon you get to new make friends and all the mentors facilitators the staff and the Chillies are all amazing.”



Code Blue: What do you wish more people understood about autism?


Dylan: “Everybody, no matter what their ability, plays an important part in the community and other people’s lives.”

Helen: “That it doesn’t prevent a person pursuing their dreams or leading a happy and fulfilling life.”


We want to thank Helen and Dylan for their feedback and for taking the time to share a bit about their Chill journey. We feel forever grateful to have met you both and to have you as part of the Chill tribe.


If you’d like to hear more about the Chill journey or hear from more of our Chill Families more info head to our testimonials page!


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