Chill is coming to Toowoomba & the Gold Coast!

We are very excited to announce that due to popular demand, Code Blue for Autism will be launching their Chill Foundation program in Toowoomba & the Gold Coast in 2022!

So what is Chill?

Chill is a strength-based social skills coaching program for young adults 18+ on the autism spectrum.

What is Chill Foundation?

Chill Foundation is a ten-week program (one 2.5 hour workshop per week for ten weeks).

This program covers fundamental social skills or Chill Skills as we like to call them, including but not limited to…

The rule of conversations
Trading information
Finding common interests
Body language and boundaries
Voice volume & eye contact
Good questions to ask
How to join & leave a conversation
Group conversations
Phone conversations
Handling rejection

Supported by peer mentors, our interactive workshops use video illustration, peer demonstrations, role-play and social situation rehearsals. The program uses popular mediums of drama, music, film and social media to engage participants in a fun and creative experience.

Participants are streamed into workshops according to their current skills and capacity. Participant streaming maximizes the opportunity for our young adults to make connections with their peers during the program and establish new friendships.

What are the benefits?

Establishing and developing new friendships
Feeling less socially isolated
Increased self-confidence
Improved self-esteem
Improved sense of identity
Social independence

Chill ticks all the boxes…

creative play
peer mentoring
role playing
capacity and special interest streaming
evidence-based curriculum
individualised coaching
find your tribe
individual evaluation process

If you are looking for a social skills coaching program for your person on the autism spectrum, or you are a young adult on the spectrum looking to build your social independence, look no further. As Professor Tony Attwood, opinion leader in autism spectrum disorders, says “Chill is world-class!” So don’t miss out on seeing what all the fuss is about and find your tribe!

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