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What does Code Blue do?
We develop and implement innovative, evidence-based social skills programs for young adults on the autism spectrum. Code Blue’s mission is to provide opportunities for access, participation, and genuine inclusion in mainstream community events, ultimately empowering young adults on the spectrum to self-direct their social choices.

Do you have social skills programs for children or teenagers on the spectrum?
Unfortunately, no. Our social skills programs are designed for young adults with a minimum age of 18 years.

Do you have social skills programs for older adults on the spectrum?
Our program are designed for young adults aged 18 years to approximately 30.

I have an NDIS plan. Which NDIS registration group can I use for Chill?
You can use your Core and/or Capacity Building support budget to fund your Chill program/s. 

0102     Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment or Higher Education (SLES)
0106     Assistance in Coordinating or Managing Life Stages, Transitions and Supports
0115      Assistance with Daily Life Tasks in a Group or Shared Living Arrangement
0117      Development of Daily Living and Life Skills
0125     Participation in Community, Social and Civic Activities.

Can I enrol in Chill if I do not have an NDIS plan?
Yes. However, program fees will be an out of pocket expense. We do offer 10% discount if you do not have an NDIS plan. 

Can I bring my support worker into my program?
No. The Chill programs use a peer mentor support model which does not allow for support workers to attend the sessions.

Can I start a program at any time?
No. All participants must commence their program at the start of the term.

How long does a program go for?
All Chill programs run by term. A term is 10 weeks long with one session each week.

Where is Chill located?
The Chill studio is located in West End, Brisbane.
There is one off-site programs – Chill Sport program.

Can I just sign up for social outings and skip the social skills programs?
No. A participant must be enrolled in a Chill program to be able to access the Chill Out events (social outings). All skills in Chill are generalised (with peer mentor support) in the Chill Out program.