Collaborative Diptychs

Traditionally, diptychs are a set of two photos or paintings used to tell a story and emphasise contrast. The following diptychs transpired from pairing two or three artists together, who worked autonomously on their own artwork, but collaborated together on a shared message, theme or narrative. 

Louise, Georgia & Lachie

Our Future Houses, 2022

“My dream house is full of colour and near the ocean. 

Lachie house is in the forest and there is snow.”

Hannah & Indigo

Where does permission begin?, 2022

Tumultuous is the feline. Fair is the canine.

Webbed adventure awaits the cat.

Glorious sentiment enlightens the dog.

Jacqui & Louis

Pollution, 2022

A common premise where a thriving grass land can be easily destroyed with a facility to better our lives but not for the planet.

Bailey & Alice

Ruined Cities, 2022

In our diptychs of a Utopian and a Dystopian city, we created two futures that feel quite unstable. Comparing both, you can see lots of time has passed in a disturbing and curious way. We presented different time periods by using light bright colours for the Utopian city and dull neutral colours for the Dystopian city.

Marcus & Grace

Joyful Futures, 2022

Happiness is a rarity for some. It is fleeting and scarce. For the people’s future we wish for joy. To thrive in the little things. A handful more magic and more smiles.

Beauty is in colour and the black and white spaces. Beauty is like dolphins swimming through the ocean giggling with their family and friends.

Love is what we crave. Those who are kind, those who care and those who make us feel ourselves are worth falling in love with.

Chris & Zaide

Planet B, 2022

Our diptych references the likelihood of interstellar visitors encountering a genetically engineered sub-variant of the human race as time hurdles onwards. To avoid complete devastation of human existence we will likely have to adapt to life on another planet and become another species altogether. Particularly as we expand our search for another home among our solar system the possibility of human life colliding with cosmic travellers increases with every passing moment. Advances in human genetic engineering make this imagined science fiction future our only likely redemption. The reality that these distorted creatures represent is the decay of human life as we know it and the fact that there is no ‘Planet B’.

Caleb & Declan

Leaving your old self behind, 2022

Nicole & Sammy

Flying Cars, 2022

The future is in our hands, or rather, wheels! This collaborative project features both the present and the future of everyday transport. Sure, we may be on the ground right now, but we will eventually take to the skies… all we need is a boost!

Matt & Sam

Inevitable, 2022

The future is inevitable. It is terrifying and we don’t know how we will be impacted by it. But the future gives us an opportunity for change. Our actions are a time capsule for future generations to learn from, and hopefully move on from. One day, I imagine humanity clearing the sins of our generation and improve.

Beth & Grayson

Life + Death, 2022

Life and death

Light and dark

Colour and greyscale

Beginning and the end…?

Josh & Lucy

Lucy, 2022

J: “I am looking forward to spending time with my family at the Gold Coast. Photos, catch-ups, family, free time and the beach.”

L: “I’m anticipating the arrival of my first little baby nephew. Making memories, change, growth, life, love and time.”

Paul & Vinh

Two Cities, 2022

Paul: “My artwork is about the future of having coloured city buildings in the colours of the rainbow.”

Vinh: “My artwork is about how people treat the homeless people around the world. The world in the outside of the painting are words about the Vietnam War and the Australian artists.”

Briley & Tori

AI Human Harmony, 2022

Our diptychs are about Robots and Humans harmoniously working together in a factory setting. The robots create one half and the humans create the other. Together they are a whole.

Aniway & Jerry

Nonlinearity, 2022

From one tiny speck came all. The creation of the universe is random and incongruous. Algorithms, memes, pop culture feeds it all.