Chill Write and Code Blue for Autism are proud to announce the commencement of the Chill’n Newsletter.

The initial challenge, to create a Code Blue newsletter for digital publication, was put to the Chill Write team by Anthony O’Donohue, the Curriculum Facilitator, as one of two major projects they are working on for the term. It was an opportunity to get their work published and available for public viewing, as well as sharing their stories, creativity, and incredible sense of humour. Excitement and commitment for the project was obvious from the start, as creative ideas for style and articles were formed, filling the entire whiteboard. We then split the articles into mini groups to work on in teams or as solo projects.

Chill’n really became the Chillies’ passion project – and it’s all them, every word and drawing. We are already looking forward to the next edition. But for now, the Chillies and mentors of Chill Write are proud to present Chill’n Vol. 001. Stayed tuned for Vol .002! 

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What is Chill Write?

Chill Write is a creative writing program designed for young adults on the autism spectrum.

Storytelling is at the heart of all human connection, and at Code Blue whether it is Chill Foundation, Chill Plus or one of our other programs, we are always scaffolding and supporting our Chillies to tell their story or recount an experience so that their voice is heard. Writing allows us to express ourselves, our thoughts, experiences, ideas and feelings and this medium is a fantastic vehicle for our young adults to express themselves. Creative writing is known to enhance our ability to change our patterns of thinking (when we need to). Young adults on the spectrum view the world differently and through creative writing can express how they experience life, a gift for all of us! You do not need to have a creative writing background or even any writing skill as such, just a desire to use your imagination and be heard.