Hot off the press!
After much anticipation, the Chill Write tribe have finally released the Chill’n Newsletter Vol. 002 out into the world!


What is Chill’n?


Chill’n is a Code Blue newsletter created for digital publication by the Chill Write team. The initial challenge was put to the Chill Write team by Anthony O’Donohue, the Curriculum Facilitator, as one of two major projects they were working on during Term 2. It was an opportunity to get their work published and available for public viewing, as well as sharing their stories, creativity, and incredible sense of humour. From the ground up everything is created at Chill. The team pitch ideas to the group, then assignments are divided out, then all the articles are written by the Chill Write Team.

Chill’n really became the Chillies’ passion project – and it’s all them, every word and drawing.

Vol. 001  was a massive success – sparking curiosity amongst the Chill community and leaving us hungry for more!
Let’s just say Vol. 002 has some BIG shoes to fill… So many questions….

What’s on Emily’s playlist? What wondrous word will Hugh teach us today? Did Robot Girlfriend ever make it back in time for dessert?


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