Chill programs terms & conditions

What does Code Blue for Autism do?
Code Blue for Autism designs, develops, and implements innovative evidence based social skills programs that support young adults on the autism spectrum.  These programs are called Chill.  Chill programs provide opportunities for access, participation, and genuine inclusion in the community, ultimately empowering young adults to self-direct their social choices.

Chill programs address three (3) critical areas of need:

  1. Social skills coaching
  2. Access, participation, and inclusion
  3. Self-empowerment

What do the Chill programs provide?
Chill programs are peer mentor assisted social skills coaching programs that are offered in weekly sessions over a 10-week term.  Chill uses skilled peer mentors as role models in combination with best practice elements that are reflected in the latest research and literature on social skills and young adults on the spectrum.  These elements include evidence-based curriculum, strength-based approach, creative play, conducive environment for building tribes, role playing, capacity and special interest streaming, individualised coaching, goal setting, themed programs for social skill transference, individual participant evaluation and parent/carer engagement.

Participants begin their journey to social independence with the Chill Foundation program and when appropriate, will move into the next curriculum stream, Chill Plus.  Learning social skills for most young adults on the spectrum, is a life-long journey.  Most participants will continue in Chill Plus indefinitely. Demonstrating the social skills in the workshop setting is only part of the journey.  Participants need to be able to transfer/generalise these skills into real life.

Expectations of the Participant
All Chill candidates must complete the full enrolment process to be considered for program enrolment.  This is essential to ensure that the Chill program/s can meet the participant’s needs.  Program suitability is at the discretion of the senior Chill curriculum team. 

Minimal Requirements to be Enrolled in Chill Programs
All participants in Chill programs must always meet the minimal requirements of enrolment.

These are:

1. Self-Management
Participants must be able to attend to basic self-care including dressing and toileting.

2. Behaviour
Participants must be able to self-regulate emotions and behaviours in a group setting at all times.  The Chill studios is a safe place for participants, the Chill team and Code Blue staff alike.  Everyone at Chill has the right to feel safe and happy.

Behaviours that are disruptive, disrespectful, or harmful to others including physical aggression, harassment, bullying, drug or alcohol use, non-compliance with program rules, or any action that compromises the safety or well-being of others will not be tolerated.

Code Blue’s behavioural requirements extend to Chill programs that are offered off site, including the Chill Out program.

If a participant harasses or stalks participants using social media or other social media platforms, it would be considered a violation of the program’s rules and may result in disciplinary action or reprimand.  Harassment and stalking behaviours are not acceptable and create an unsafe environment for fellow participants and staff, even if the behaviour takes place out of program hours and off site.

3. Communication
Participants must be able to express their needs and understand instructions.

4. Ability to Follow Program Rules
Participants must be able to follow these basic rules whilst engaged in their Chill program/s:

1. Always following instructions of Chill facilitators and peer mentors.

2. Actively engage in all program activities.

3. Arrive 10 minutes prior to session start time.

4. No use of mobiles during the workshops and breaks.

5. Show respect to all fellow participants.

5. Participation
Participants must be willing to “have a go” and actively participate in the program. Participation is crucial for skill acquisition and improvement. Non-participation significantly affects group dynamics, and it is a mandatory requirement that each enrolled individual participates to the best of their ability.

What if the participant does not meet these requirements?
The CEO (or senior delegate) of Code Blue for Autism has the right to withdraw an individual from any of the Chill programs if they are not able to meet any of the above minimal requirements. In this instance, the program fee is non-refundable.

Expectations of Code Blue for Autism
Through its Chill programs Code Blue is expected to:

  • Provide an environment that is respectful, safe, and happy.
  • Coach participants in ecologically valid social skills that are used by socially successful adults.
  • Assist young adults to learn how to develop and maintain friendships and relationships.
  • Assist participants to connect with other participants.
  • Assist participants with peer support through social coaching and role modelling.
  • Ultimately help participants on their journey to social independence.

PLEASE NOTE: Chill is not an autism support group or a friendship-matching group.


The Enrolment Process
The steps of program enrolment are:

  1. Completing and submitting the online electronic enrolment form available via the Code Blue for Autism webpage
  1. On receipt of the electronic enrolment form, the manager of enrolments will make contact to arrange an in-person enrolment meeting (approx.45 minutes duration) at the Chill studios in West End. Both parent/carer and candidate must attend this meeting.
  1. Within 3 working days, the parent/carer/candidate will be advised of the outcome of the enrolment request. At this time the parent/carer/candidate can make an informed choice to accept or decline the enrolment and its terms and conditions.  
  1. On confirmation of a place in the program/s, Code Blue will email the primary contact a service agreement for approval and signature.
  1. On receipt of the signed service agreement, Code Blue will generate and email an invoice to the primary contact (if they are self-managed) or the plan manager (if they are plan managed) for payment within 14 days of the invoice issue date.
  1. An enrolment is only complete once the service agreement is signed, and the invoice is paid in full.

Payment of Fees
Fee payment is required in full prior to the participant commencing the program.

I am self-managed
You can claim your term fee from your package before commencement of term (provided you have a signed service agreement with Code Blue).

I am plan-managed
You will receive a service agreement and your plan manager will receive your invoice. You will need to advise your plan manager that payment of term fees is required before the term commences. It is between the plan manager and family to negotiate the upfront payment of the term fee. If the plan manager will not pay the term fee in advance, it is then the participant/family’s responsibility to ensure the fees are paid using an alternative option. If your plan manager does not pay for term fees up front, you may have to pay the fees personally and then organise reimbursement with your plan manager.

I am NDIA-managed
By providing your NDIS plan details in your enrolment form, Code Blue will be able to make a service booking and a payment request online to the NDIS for your term fees to be paid.

The Service Agreement
A supply of supports under this service agreement is a supply of one or more reasonable and necessary support/s specified in the statement of supports included, under subsection 33(2) of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (NDIS Act), in the participants NDIS plan currently in effect under section 37 of the NDIS Act.  Please see Code Blue for Autism’s NDIS guide for more information.  This guide is available on the Code Blue for Autism website and outlines the NDIS support categories, and registration groups Chill programs are approved for. It also highlights program term fees and the NDIS line items used.

Cancellation Policy
There is a strict cancellation policy that applies to all Chill programs.

Should a participant choose to cancel their enrolment and notice of this decision is provided in writing 14 days or more before the commencement of term, the participant will be eligible for a full refund of term fees.

Should a participant choose to cancel their enrolment and notice of this decision is provided in writing less than 14 days before the commencement of term, the total program fee is non-refundable.

If a participant is experiencing mental health issues that are preventing them from commencing a program, they are required to provide a letter from a clinical specialist, (a registered psychologist or psychiatrist) that verifies and supports the decision to withdraw from the program outside of the 2-week notification period.  In this instance 50% of the total program fee will be refunded.

Why are Chill term fees required up front?
Every participant has individual, specific needs.  The Chill program/s provide participants with individually tailored coaching and supports.

Code Blue require prepayment as collateral to cover expenses to source, build and tailor the support to meet the participant’s unique needs.  Have you heard the saying? If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism?  Each young adult that enrols in the Chill program/s has different, and complex needs.  The Chill program/s address the diverse and ever-changing needs of participants.  To provide such a bespoke service to each participant, Code Blue needs to source the right people to provide the coaching and supports, then build the program curriculum that will meet each participant’s specific requirements.  Many other customisations take place before and throughout the program term. 

Chill programs wait list
Due to its reputation, each term, Code Blue has more enrolment requests than participant places available. Payment of term fees up front to secure a place, ensures that participants are committed to their enrolment.  Payment up front avoids program “no shows” who can prevent persons waitlisted from accessing the program/s. 

 Code Blue for Autism has been successfully audited by the NDIA
Code Blue for Autism’s business practices (including fee payment terms and conditions) have been successfully audited by the National Disability Insurance Agency. 

Upfront payments of term fees are outlined during the enrolment process and in the service agreement
During the rigorous screening and enrolment process, the participant and nominee/carer are advised of the full terms and conditions.  They are advised of the minimal requirements for enrolment and the terms and conditions of fee payment. This advice is provided both verbally (face to face in enrolment meeting) and in writing (enrolment form and service agreement). 

The Chill programs are expensive
Payment of term fees are required up front because the support item value exceeds $1,500 and is the programs/service is custom made to address the participant’s disability related requirements.  A signed enrolment form and service agreement (by participant/parent/nominee) is required as acceptance of these terms and conditions. 

The Chill programs incur unrecoverable costs prior to program commencement
Payment of term fees up front is required because Code Blue incurs unrecoverable costs (should delivery of the support to the requesting participant not proceed).