Chill programs terms & conditions

1. Requirements

These are the minimal requirements for participation in the Chill Program:

Participants must be able to attend to basic self-care to include dressing and toileting.

Participants must be able to self-regulate emotions and behaviours in a group setting.

Participants must be able to express needs and understand instructions.

Ability to Follow Program Rules
Participants must be prepared to follow some basic rules whilst engaged in the Chill Program. These include: no use of mobiles during the workshops and showing respect to all fellow participants.

Participants must be willing to “have a go” and actively participate in the program. Participation is crucial for skill acquisition and improvement. Non-participation significantly affects group dynamics and is a mandatory requirement that each enrolled individual participate to the best of their ability.

The CEO (or delegate) of Code Blue for Autism has the right to withdraw an individual from any of the Chill programs if they are not able to meet any of the above minimal requirements when engaged in a workshop. In this instance, the program fee is non-refundable.

2. Expectations

The purpose of the Chill programs is to:

  • Help young adults learn how to develop and maintain friendships and relationships, and handle peer conflict and rejection
  • Teach ecologically valid social skills that are used by socially successful adults.
  • Help young adults to find a source of friends
  • Provide young adults with peer support through social coaching
  • Ultimately help young adults foster independence in social relationships

Please note: Chill is not an autism support group or a friendship-matching group. In order to maximize optimal outcomes from the Chill program, the participant must:

  • Attend every session on time
  • Actively engage in all workshop activities
  • Practise/generalize the newly learnt skills outside of the program setting

3. Fee payment

Fee payment is required in full prior to commencement of the program term.

If you have an NDIS plan and are:

You can claim your term fee from your package before commencement of term (provided you have a service agreement with Code Blue)

You and your plan manager will receive a service agreement and invoice.
Your plan manager will contact you to approve payment of the invoice.
Your plan manager will make payment to Code Blue on your behalf.
If your plan manager does not pay for term fees up front you may have to pay for the fees personally and then be reimbursed by your plan manager.

By providing your NDIS plan details, Code Blue will be able to make a service booking and a payment request online to the NDIS in order for your term fees to be paid.

4. Program fees

Chill Foundation | $1,750.00 per term (10 weeks)
Chill Tunes | $1,450.00 per term (10 weeks)
Chill Plus | $1,750.00 per term (10 weeks)
Chill Money | $3,600.00 per semester (20 weeks) OR $5,120.00 per semester (20 weeks) with 1:1 peer mentor support
Chill on the Grill | $1,500.00 per term (10 weeks) OR $2,800.00 per term (10 weeks) with 1:1 in home support
Chill on Stage | $1,650.00 per term (10 weeks)
Chill Art | $1,800.00 per term (10 weeks)
Chill Moves | $1,400.00 per term (10 weeks)
Chill Write | $1,650.00 per term (10 weeks) OR $2,410.00 per term (10 weeks) with 1:1 peer mentor support
Chill Life | $3,770 per semester (20 weeks)
Chill Sport | $1,600 per term (10 weeks)

5. Cancellation policy

A participant may cancel their enrolment and be refunded the full program fee provided two (2) weeks notice (prior to commencement date of the term) is given. Due to the nature of the program, and the amount of individualised preparation required prior to term commencement, the program fee is non-refundable if the above notice has not been given. Should the participant commence the program and decide to withdraw, the total program fee is non-refundable.

6. Getting started

Prior to commencement of the program you will receive a Getting Started email that will provide you with information about our program facilitators, peer mentors, and what to expect at the first workshop. On receipt of this pack please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.