autism writing class

Chill Mindfulness

Depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, and inattention often affects functioning in adults on the spectrum.  These challenges can often be more prominent in adults with a relatively high cognitive ability because they are more aware of expectations of the neurotypical world and their inability to meet such expectations. 

Adults on the spectrum often lay awake at night, pondering about the events of the day, analysing them in detail, a detailed processing style that characterises autism.  (Ghaziuddin et al., 2002). 

Ghaziuddin, M., Ghaziuddin, N, & Greden, J. (2002). Depression in persons with autism: Implications for research and clinical care. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 4, 299-303. 

Participants will learn breathing techniques, gentle yoga, guided meditations, visualisations and how to stay in the present moment. The concept of mindfulness and its impact on how we interact with others in life will be a focus throughout the program.   

 Chill Mindfulness will be a journey, one that will flow from one term to the next.  Due to the nature of this program, there are limited places. 


Program features
  • Introductory guided meditation
  • Visualisation techniques
  • Basic gentle yoga
  • Being present
  • Self-talk & thinking
  • Body scanning
  • Breathing techniques
  • Self-awareness & insight  
  • Self-help techniques for daily life
  • Social skills focus 
The benefits
  • Reduce stress, anxiety & depression  
  • Manage unwanted distractions
  • Improve communication, relationships & connection with others
  • Bring clarity to thinking
  • Enhance creativity
  • Reduce emotional reactivity
  • Increase concentration & focus
  • Improved mental & physical well-being 
autism writing class
autism writing class

The details

Dates 2024

Term 1  22 January – 28 March
Term 2 15 April – 21 June
Term 3  8 July – 13 September
Term 4  30 September – 6 December

2 hour workshop | once a week

2:00pm – 4:00pm


Chill Studio
29 Rogers Street
West End Q 4101


$2,100 per term