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Chill’n is a Code Blue newsletter created for digital publication by the Chill Write team. The initial challenge was put to the Chill Write team by Anthony O’Donohue, the Curriculum Facilitator, as one of two major projects they were working on during Term 2. It was an opportunity to get their work published and available for public viewing, as well as sharing their stories, creativity, and incredible sense of humour. From the ground up everything is created at Chill. The team pitch ideas to the group, then assignments are divided out, then all the articles are written by the Chill Write Team.

Chill’n really became the Chillies’ passion project – and it’s all them, every word and drawing.

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Chill Write Passion Projects

Term 2 2022

Monster of Champions by Robert

Welcome to brutality,

I’m giving you fury, Adrian “Slugger” Jackson, a fighter from a cesspit throwing hands. The rings are bloody, and bitter memories resurface, with every strike thrown. Crime is a lifestyle, makes you fear dying by not living. Finally, peace is found after the raging storm, where memories fade away. This is the story of fury shaped into purpose.

At the end, the monster is champion.

The Infinity Car by George

He was driving to pick up his thoughtful younger brother named Max from his school camp. It was an hour and thirty minutes drive from his house to camp in Redland Bay. Suddenly, a storm rolls in and Finn started to feel anxious because he didn’t like to drive in heavy thunderstorms. He started to sweat when he looked at his watch and realised that he still has halfway to go. 

Fire Ducks by Liam (LFonTV)

When three high school teenagers named Daniel, Dexter and Douglas meet a scientist emu and a princess, the three boys are given special great powers to become humanoid ducks with extremely awesome fire powers. With them they help defend the princess from the evil forces of the white diamond witch and her empire.

The Blue Bullet by Alexander

Have you ever found that one item that unexpectedly changed your life forever? Might be something like an action lot item that led you to your future spouse or a dollar note on the ground. Hi I am Warren Goldstone, and this is my journey of how I found a relic that turned my world around in the strangest possible way and led me to becoming what I am now. 

My Chill Messages: My Guidance on Bullying by James

Someone approaches you and calls you names or says something mean.

What do you do?

A: Give them the finger
B: Say something mean in return
C: Ignore what was said, walk away & try to think of something nice toward them, like, good luck.
D: Believe them a get upset

Emily's Top Five Record Stores in Brisbane (Deluxe Edition) by Emily

Brisbane is known for its many great record stores, but how on earth do you choose which ones to visit first?

Not to worry!

In this zine avid record collector, Emily, gives her recommendations of her top five go to record stores in Brisbane, plus a bonus hidden gem.

The Mecha Lord by Alexei

A full moon is showing. We see the warehouse in the middle of a huge field. A human middle-aged guard, JERRY WILKES, is standing outside a sliding door. Two humanoid figures approach Jerry, MERISS and GAIJA. They seemingly have yellow mechanical forms and heads resembling motorcycle helmets, and talk with synthetic voices, with Merris’s voice sounding feminine. Merris is holding a high-tech suitcase.

Manga Recommendation - Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa/Actually I am... by Lachlan

The series follows a male high school student named Asahi Kuromine. Now, Asahi is terrible at keeping secrets.

When he learns that his crush, Youko Shiragami, is a halfvampire, he promises to keep the fact that he discovered her secret a secret.

Cyclops-Bane by Hugh

This story is set in the woodlands surrounding the city-state of Andratis, which is in the midst of a devastating invasion by the disparate cities of neighbouring Achaistos, driving it to employ all manner of warriors to defend it. Among them is the prodigal spearman Rennok. His weapon, Jormungandr, a mighty spear made from one of the fangs of the eponymous snake. He is aided by his weapons bearer Devrus. His strength drew the attention of Crown Prince Likhas, who has sent Rennok to hunt the many monsters who threaten the innocents of Andratis in its darkest hour.

Scooby-Doo Where Are You? Vs. Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated by Maxene

I began the crazy obsession with reading Scooby-Doo comics, watching the movies, and tv shows. My favorite ride in Movie World theme park is the Scooby-Doo ride based on the first live-action film. I was willing to wait an hour in queue to go on it again. Today, I will be comparing two tv shows of Scooby-Doo: Scooby-Doo Where Are You? A series from 1969, and Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated, a 2010 Cartoon Network tv show. 

A Shot Story by Ben

Alex, Steve, David, and Zoe are sitting in detention. They were all in there for different reasons. Alex always asked for after school detention to have more time to study for examples. Steve, who was always in after School detention for breaking the school rules. Then there was Zoe, who was doing her make up during a math exam, and David, the school jock who was in there for the first time because he was caught smoking in the boys bathroom.

A Story About Best Friends by Louise

Louise was 15 years old, and Grace was 14 years old. Grace lived next door two Louise’s place. It started at 7pm on a Friday night and it ended on Sunday night.

I hosted the slumber party at my house with some friends in the movie room where we will sleep in so we could watch a movie before we eat dinner and dessert. Suddenly Grace bought her boyfriend along without asking Louise first…

Term 1 2022

Dancing Bear by Ben

Various, Thok and Jebadoah were in the tavern talking amongst themselves having just helped out the local farmers clear out some goblins that were being a problem. A towns guard came in to post a job on the notice board. Jeb being curious got up to check what it was, while Various and Thok where seeing who killed the most goblins. Jeb looks at what the guard just posted on the notice board which reads,“Help wanted to capture the leader of a notorious criminal group known as the Vipers Fang.” Jeb after reading this rips it off the board and brings it back to the table, Various and Thok look at it and agree to go do the job.

Killers Within the Beast by James

It has been 10 weeks since the party. No attacks have been made. Now, everyone’s got glasses on. Matt and Brendon are now on a date. Who are now both at a gay bar in Odis city.They both start kissing each other. Matt grabs his drink and takes a sip. He is drinking white wine. “So you think it is over?” Asks Brendon.

A Soldier's Letter by Sylvester

I was sad when I had to leave you.

But I’m doing this to protect you.

“You’ll return a hero” the draft man said.

A line that I will never forget.

You Can Walk Anywhere by Liam

There are many different ways you can travel to places. But if it’s not far, why not walk?

Cars may get you there fast, but cause a lot of pollution. Why not walk there? It’s a better solution.

Boy Scouts by Robert

Andrew hated sitting at the front of the bus, he recoiled as it bounced over the uneven trail, causing his gut to convulse. With each and every bump, the ponding in his head grew, as did his embarrassment. He leant low over his bucket; he could feel a pulsating sensation at the back of his throat. Leaning against the window, he trailed his finger along the glass, catching sight of the wild creatures that made their way through the undergrowth.

Black Blood by Grace

Bibi Martinez and Moira King are two world-renowned detectives who solved murder cases by the thousand. The culprit of each case is determined by one thing… the colour of the victim’s blood. If the blood was red, the victim was angry and most likely involved in a fight. If it was green, the victim was jealous and most likely died trying to get revenge.If it was purple, the victim was scared and most likely were attacked.Every colour of blood is connected to an emotion that the victim was feeling at the time that they died. These three colours appeared most frequently in the cases that Bibi and Moira had taken on.

Conduit Origin Stories by Lachlan

Lachie – “Scarlet! Stop right there!”

Scarlet – “Catch me if you can!”

Scarlet had once again been breaking the rules.She was wearing the normal girl’s uniform, a red shirt and a short green skirt and had red hair and green eyes.Lachie was wearing a light blue shirt, a blazer with an insignia depicting a knight on the left and a dragon on the right, a black tie, grey shorts, green socks, black shoes and a red armband that read: Justice.

Family Meeting by Hugh

This story is about Vivel, adopted daughter of Vivris, the Witch-Queen of Naggaroth, and elder sister to Devrus and Salris Volkhar, Vivris’ biological children, who has been called back to her home city of Naggarond by her mother for unknown reasons.

The Mecha Lord by Alexei

A full moon is showing. We see the warehouse. A human GUARD, a middle-aged manis standing outside a sliding door. Two humanoid figures approach the guard, MERISS and GAIJA. They seemingly have yellow mechanical forms and heads resembling motorcycle helmets, and talk with synthetic voices, with Merris’s voice sounding feminine. Merris is holding a high-tech suitcase.