Anonymous &
Confidential Complaints

Complaints can be made anonymously and/or on a confidential basis.

This means you can ask that we do not share personal information that you have provided to us (such as your name) with any other entities who are involved in the complaint.

We request that people wishing to make anonymous or confidential complaints clearly explain this when they first contact us. While we understand that some complainants may be cautious about what information they share about sensitive matters, it is important that we are provided with as much information as possible so we can comprehensively assess the matter.

Ideally, anonymous or confidential complaints should be made by phone (07 3154 2300) so we can check our understanding of the complaint issues and also discuss the limitations we may face in progressing the matter.

Alternatively, you can submit an anonymous and/or confidential complaint via the below online message form.


We always do our best to assist people who wish to make a complaint. However, it may be difficult (and sometimes impossible) for us to progress a complaint without certain information such as the name of the client or team member involved.

This is because:

   it can be difficult for us to clarify or ask any further details about the complaint if we do not have the contact details of the complainant.

   we may not be able to gather specific information from other entities about the issues raised in the complaint.

   we need to ensure those involved in the complaint are given a fair opportunity to respond to allegations and it may be difficult to explain an allegation without disclosing certain information.


In the following circumstances we may be compelled to share information about a confidential complaint: 

   where disclosure would protect the client and / or others; 

   where necessary for best service practice; and/or 

•   where obligated by law.


(Refer 58_ADM_POL_V1.0_Privacy_and_Confidentiality)

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