The team

Our highly skilled peer mentors are fellow travellers on the Chill journey providing the crucial ingredient of peer role modelling.

Our experienced program facilitators and mentors understand that every young person on the spectrum is an individual with unique needs. The team provides each young adult with individualised support to maximise their social growth.

Helen Whelan BA, RN

Founder | CEO

Michael Whelan PhD


Nick Cilento BA, BSc(Hons)

Creative Director

Lisa Aitken BAM, JP(Qual)

Manager – Chill Programs

Trish Stewart

Manager – Chill Families | Enrolments

Melanie Sanchez BA(Hons)

Manager – Accounts

Sarah Stanke BFA

Manager – Social Media | Facilitator

Lachlan Whelan BFA

Facilitator | New program development

Harrison Paroz


Daniel Simpson BA

Facilitator|New program development

Lucy McDougall-Sagner

Program Facilitator | Senior Peer Mentor

Connor Whelan

Admistration Assistant

Bella Abraham Dip

Facilitator – Chill Art + Chill Write

Eve Carroll BFA

Facilitator, Chill Moves + Chill Life

Jerry McGiffin

Peer Mentor

Thomas Ford

Peer Mentor

Clara Grossman

Peer Mentor

Hamish McDonald

Peer Mentor

Ilda Fetahagic

Facilitator, Chill Foundation

Aniway Aqualizan

Peer Mentor

Boudiccea Norris

Peer Mentor

Helen Cassidy

Facilitator, Chill on Stage

Andrew Schaffer

Peer Mentor

Emma Ford

Peer Mentor

Caleb Stoddard

Peer Mentor

Alana Nowakowski

Peer Mentor

Jesse Domic

Peer Mentor

Tom Meggit

Peer Mentor

Tori Carroll BFA

Peer Mentor | Facilitator

Mazana Abraham

Peer Mentor

Georgia Fullerton

Peer Mentor

Mike (Mikey) Bowdler

Peer Mentor

Annie O’Connell

Peer Mentor

Anastasia Notaras BFA

Peer Mentor

Grace Eadie

Peer Mentor

Alice Thacker BFA

Peer Mentor

Providing opportunities for young adults on the spectrum to have better access, participation and genuine inclusion in mainstream community and employment.