Social ability crosses into all areas of life…

…our ability to work with others, our ability to study with others, our ability to live with others and our ability to be independent socially

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A bit of background…

In the absence of any suitable social skills programs for her autistic son, Helen Whelan researched and founded Code Blue for Autism. Code Blue for Autism has designed and developed social skills coaching programs for young adults 18 + on the autism spectrum.

These programs are called Chill.

What is Chill?
Chill is a series of weekly workshops that uses evidence-based curriculum, peer mentoring and creative play for young adults on the spectrum who need coaching and support with social skills.

Chill is evidence-based
The Chill curriculum focuses on the social skills that young adults on the spectrum universally find challenging. These are called Chill skills.

Chill uses peer mentoring
Research shows that social behaviour can be learned through observing, copying, practising, repetition, and role-play. Highly skilled peer mentors support participants as fellow travellers on the Chill journey, providing the crucial ingredient of peer social role modelling.

Chill uses creative play
It’s simple. The benefits are endless. Play triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being. Creative play helps to reduce stress and depression and can improve brain function. Play stimulates our minds and boosts creativity. Play helps us to connect with others and feel, confident to take social risks.

Chill skills

  • active listening
  • reciprocation
  • trading information to find common interests
  • asking the right questions
  • starting a conversation
  • ending a conversation
  • small talk
  • good body language
  • compliments
  • handling a disagreement
  • saying yes | saying no
  • speaking on the phone
  • accepting rejection
  • good energy
  • organising a get together with a friend
  • and more…
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  • Establishing and developing new friendships through shared interests
  • Feeling less socially isolated
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved sense of identity and self-insight
  • Owning a network of friends, not relying on others (family) to ‘get out’
  • Carers and family enjoy seeing their person being included and nurtured in other people’s lives
  • Find your tribe!

Chill is a registered NDIS provider

autism brisbane
autism brisbane

Peer mentors

A peer mentor is a similar aged person (peer) who can provide support, guidance and role modelling to an individual.

Moving away from the standard carer model in disability, peer mentors provide the social and cultural relevance needed to provide valid social and communication support. Social modelling is learnt by observation and relies on the peer to demonstrate the targeted behaviour and the participant to imitate the behaviour. Peer-mediated interventions are well documented as an evidence-based practice for young people with ASD.

Our peer mentors
Experienced peer mentors (male & female) are assigned participants based on shared interests. Our peer mentors understand that every young person with ASD is different and has unique needs. At Code Blue our peer mentor team strives to provide each participant with individualised support to enable optimal social growth.

The beauty of training the social brain is that it can be approached from so many different angles, and the more that are tried, the stronger the neural connections will become. Individuals with different social brains can improve their behaviour by seeing something done properly, hearing it, walking through it, and acting it out in various situations.