What is Chill?

Chill is an evidence-based best practice social skills coaching program for young adults on the autism spectrum.

Developing and using social skills can be particularly challenging for young adults on the spectrum, and yet, effective communication is central to virtually every aspect of our daily lives. Learning social skills is a journey, and for most, lifelong.

Moving away from the standard carer/support worker model in disability, Chill is well known for its strength-based approach and peer mentor model.

Chill is a journey

Everyone begins their journey in the Chill Foundation program where the concepts and basic chill skills (social skills) are explored. Here everyone is affectionately referred to as a “Chillie”!

On completion of Chill Foundation, Chillies progress to Chill Plus where chill skills are practised in hundreds of different social scenarios. Coaching becomes more tailored so that we can address each Chillie’s unique needs. Chill Plus is mandatory for all Chillies throughout their journey with us.

Why choose Chill?

The Chill environment

The Chill environment is supportive and respectful, it’s about connecting with others and finding your tribe. All Chillies are treated with unconditional positive regard.

Creative Play

A crucial element to every Chill program is creative play.  It is essential to build self insight, connect with others and feel confident to take social risks.

Chill themed programs

Of course, learning social skills is just the beginning.  It’s transferring these into real life that is the holy grail.  This is where the special interest Chill programs come into play, such as Chill Robotics, Chill Art, Chill on the Grill etc.  Here, purpose built special interest programs act as a platform for social skills consolidation.  One thing we know for sure, the more you do, the better you get at it!

Peer mentors

Highly skilled peer mentors support participants as fellow travellers on the Chill journey, providing the crucial ingredient of peer social role modelling.


Throughout each term, the progress of each Chillie is measured and feedback is provided through a comprehensive evaluation and observational reporting process. These reports can be used for future NDIS planning.

What is a Peer Mentor?

A peer mentor is a similar aged person (peer) who can provide support, guidance and role modelling to an individual.

Peer mediated interventions are well documented as an evidence-based practice for young adults on the spectrum. Research shows that social behaviour can be learned through observing, copying, practising, repetition, and role play. 

Our peer mentors understand that every young person on the spectrum is different and has unique needs. Our peer mentors support participants as fellow travellers on the Chill journey. 

The beauty of training the social brain is that it can be approached from so many different angles, and the more that are tried, the stronger the neural connections will become. Individuals with different social brains can improve their behaviour by seeing something done properly, hearing it, walking through it, and acting it out in various situations.