If you haven’t heard already… Enrolments are now open for term 1 2022! 🌶

And it’s never been easier with our new enrolment process, head to codeblueforautism.com.au/enrol/ to see for yourself!
Spots are filling up quickly so please don’t miss out! #findyourtribetoday
Why Chill?
Because our social ability crosses into all areas of life. Our ability to work with others, our ability to study with others, our ability to live with others and our ability to be independent socially. Chill uses strength-based programs, evidence-based curriculum, creative play, role-playing, peer mentor role modeling and so much more to support young adults on the spectrum to reach their social goals. Keep reading to find out some key ingredients to the recipe of Chill!
1. Chill environment
A supportive, nurturing and respectful environment is crucial for our young adults. Chill is all about making connections and finding your tribe.
2. Themed programs
Transferring social skills into everyday life is the holy grail. Ask any of our participants or their loved ones! Code Blue has designed a suite of themed programs as a practice zone for social skill consolidation and generalisation. The more you do, the better
you get at it!
3. Creative play
It’s simple. The benefits are endless. Play triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being. Creative play helps to reduce stress and depression and can improve brain function. Play stimulates our minds and boosts creativity. Play helps us to connect with others and feel more confident to take social risks. Creative play is an essential part of social skills development.
4. Peer mentor support
Research shows that social behaviour can be learned through observing, copying, practising, repetition, and role-play. Highly skilled peer mentors support participants as fellow travellers on the Chill journey, providing the crucial ingredient of peer social role modelling.
5. Evaluation
At enrolment, each participant’s strengths, needs and goals are identified as target areas for focus and growth. During the term, progress is monitored, and feedback is provided to each participant’s family/carer and referring health professional through a comprehensive evaluation and observational reporting process.
Feel free to scroll through our website to find out more and to decide whether we might be the right fit for your young adult on the autism spectrum.
If you would like to contact us directly, our friendly admin team would be happy to help! You can email them at admin@codeblueforautism.com.au or call at 07 3154 2300. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!